DC Solar Solutions designs, manufactures and leases renewable energy products to serve the off-grid needs of a broad and diverse marketplace – while providing investors with access to the renewable energy asset class.

Our current product portfolio consists of solar-powered mobile generators, light towers, telecommunications equipment, and specialty electric vehicle charging stations. Designed to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements, each of our product lines represents a responsible and reliable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based products.

Our vision is a greener planet, and to that end DC Solar Solutions strives to help environmentally conscious consumers and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by providing noise- and emissions-free solutions for their off-grid needs.

We are mechanics, engineers, tinkerers, innovators and environmentalists, continuously striving to conceptualize, prototype and build products that deliver power, light, and access to voice and data – anywhere, anytime – in an environmentally friendly manner.

Since our inception, we have been fully committed to designing and manufacturing our products in the United States. We are a proudly American company that continues to support job growth in California and throughout the country.