Helping environmentally conscious consumers and businesses reduce their carbon footprint.


Farmers and ranchers rely on DC Solar Solutions to provide power day and night. Our purpose-built mobile solar generators are easily transported and quick to set up in remote rural locations. We power everything from water pumps to disparate multi-use buildings. Zero emissions and noise free means animals are undisturbed and the environment is happy.


We’re helping construction companies reduce or end their reliance on diesel-powered systems by bringing solar-powered generators and light towers to job sites throughout the country. In partnership with the green building movement, DC Solar Solutions is committed to saving energy, using fewer resources, reducing pollution, and contributing to healthier environments.


DC Solar Solutions’ mobile solar generators, light towers and off-grid telecommunications equipment are rapidly deployable when disaster strikes. Command centers, field triage medical services, and the affected communities all benefit from the dependability of our products. When the grid is down, we’re up and running.


Motion picture, television and commercial sets have their unique requirements met by DC Solar Solutions. In addition to supporting the industry’s commitment to the environment, our product line offers total reliability on remote locations and is noise- and emissions-free—especially critical when shooting in cities.


DC Solar Solutions assists event producers in creating memorable experiences for their guests by supplying clean, noise-free power. Concerts, sporting and corporate events, community festivals and weddings all benefit from custom solutions delivered by DC Solar.


In order to distribute data across undeveloped geographies, telecommunication networks utilize off-grid cell towers and repeaters—often powered by DC Solar Solutions’ rugged mobile solar generators. Pure, sustainable power!

Across industry and project size, DC Solar Solutions has unparalleled experience delivering clean energy solutions.